About Wipelec

The company

The manufactory with all the necessary equipment enables to satisfy the needs of our customers in metalworking processes made either on parts and components provided by us or by our clients. We also carry out cleaning procedures and assembly. The complex of these facilities provides our customers with products of wide application.

The spectrum of our services also includes consulting clients, project management and tracking of the product at all stages of business processes.

Our skills and proficiencies

Metal finishing and surface treatment

Chemical and electrochemical etching

Electroplating and galvanizing

Surface, cylindrical, creep-feed grinding
(abrasive cutting)

Wire electroerosion

Electropolishing and abrasive blasting

Historical record


1984 : Foundation of WIPELEC

1988 : Installation of the plant on the territory of Pomponne

1999 : Foundation of WIPELEC (as holding company)
Purchase of LA DÉCOUPE PHOTOMÉCANIQUE, founded in 1973

2003 : Purchase of CERES TECHNOLOGIE, founded in 1956

2004 : Purchase of HYPERMECA (under the name of CERES HYPERMECA)
Installation of the second plant on the territory of LAGNY - Acquisition of LA DECOUPE PHOTOMECANIQUE by WIPELEC

2010 : Acquisition of CERES TECHNOLOGIE by WIPELEC

2011 : Acquisition of CERES HYPERMECA by WIPELEC

2012 : New plant (total area of 4500 m²)
on the territory of Meaux for merging the plants on the territory of Pomponne, Lagny and Bievres